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what is FEP film

What is FEP film

FEP film, also known as F46 thin film, 3D printing release film, Teflon film, PTFE film, has excellent dielectric properties, no aging, the best chemical corrosion resistance, and a wide range of strength for use. The thin film is an undirected film, which is pressed into oriented and semi oriented films.

Utilization characteristics:

High and low temperature resistance: -200~200 ℃;

Having non adhesive resistance, combining water and oil;

Electrical reliability, high insulation; At high temperatures of 60HZ60MHZ, the dielectric constant is 2.1, and even if the surface is damaged due to fire, no conductive track will be generated.

High transparency: Excellent penetration of ultraviolet and visible light, with the lowest refractive index of light in the plastic it passes through.


It can be widely used in fields such as aviation, wind power, electronics, shipbuilding, trains, etc.: gaskets, seals, and lubricating materials working in various media, as well as electrical insulation components, capacitor media, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation, etc. used at various frequencies. (Adhesives, production of iron bottom plates, PTFE coated fabric loop belts, conveyor belt lap bonding, biological cryogenic protection materials, thermal power plants, etc.)



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