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silicone corrugated hose for coffee maker

                                                                     silicone corrugated hose

The inner of transparent silicone corrugated hose is food grade silicone tubing, and outer wrapped with a winding strip to enhance its bending radius capacity (not easy to bend) while maintaining flexibility, ensuring that water or liquid is not easy to bend when passing through the pipeline. It is mainly used to replace the traditional silicone tube when the supporting force is not easy to bend during the transportation of liquid. Wrapping a silicone strip around the outside of a food grade silicone corrugated pipe can make the corrugated pipe more resilient during application.



Transparent silicone corrugated hose are mainly used for  Small appliance and rehabilitation appliances, which play a role of water or gas transmission. The transparent silicone corrugated hose with a smaller diameter are mostly used in Water dispenser, coffee makers, etc. Because  and the transparent silicone corrugated hose can pass FDA, LFGB, NSF and other environmental protection levels.


Product Features

Transparent silicone corrugated pipe products have high transparency, making it easy to observe liquid flow;

Excellent support and toughness, belonging to the process improvement type product;

Made with hygiene grade raw materials, safe and reliable;

Beautiful appearance, stable quality, non-toxic and odorless.

Secondary high temperature 200 ° 4H sulfur addition, stable performance

Long term exposure to water without scale makes it less prone to yellowing in a sealed environment.





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