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The using of FEP Heat Shrink tube in Multilayer Catheters production

The using of FEP Heat Shrink tube in Multilayer Catheters production

The Application of Medical Grade Non Tearable FEP Heat Shrinkable Tube in Fused PU, PEBAX, PA and Other Multilayer Catheters

FEP is Fluorinated ethylene replica is the best choice for various types of conduit welding due to the inherent temperature resistance, smoothness, and low shrinkage temperature of the material. The general guide tube is usually composed of a three-layer structure, namely the inner layer is PTFE (Teflon) inner layer, the middle layer is made of stainless steel wire weaving or spring coil structure, and the outer layer is made of Pebax material. At the same time, different hardness materials from the far and near ends are welded to form a complete catheter. The FEP heat shrink tube produced by MiKi is basically used to fuse three layers of different materials into a suitable tube body. It is precisely this "sandwich" structure design of inner lining, middle layer, outer layer, and surface coating that creates excellent universality of microtubules.

FEP heat shrink tubing is made of modified fluorinated ethylene propylene, which is transparent and semi rigid. It is a standard application in the conduit shaft and adhesive joint industry. For KMT-FEP, we can control the vertical growth by ± 5% to ensure consistency between batches, reduce waste, and reduce costs.

FEP heat shrink tubes provide products with shrinkage rates of 1.3:1, 1.6:1, and 2:1. These heat shrink tubes adopt the same high standard characteristics as our other heat shrink tube products, and the supplied products are in an expanded state. After brief heating, they will be tightly wrapped and shaped on complex irregular product forms, forming a completely enclosed and sturdy cover. From the Heat gun to the welding machine, heat shrinking can be completed by many methods (but the welding machine can provide the most uniform shrinkage effect). We can provide micro dimensions and customize specifications and tolerances according to requirements.

The FEP heat shrink tube jacket can extend the service life of the covered components, as it can provide protection in extreme conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, and impact, providing a tight and protective packaging for various components. It has high Dielectric strength and chemical inertia. In the medical field, FEP heat shrink tubing is an ideal manufacturing aid during the rheological forming of catheter jackets, which can be easily removed afterwards. FEP heat shrink tubing can fully meet your requirements!

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