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silicone sponge hose for Refrigeration equipment

What is the function of silicone sponge hose  for constant temperature and refrigeration equipment

Insulation: The main function of silicone foam pipes is insulation, which can effectively reduce energy loss and provide efficiency for high-temperature equipment.

Corrosion prevention: Foamed foam pipes have good chemical corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent corrosion of pipelines by corrosive substances, thereby extending the use of equipment.

Low and high temperature resistance: Silicone foam pipes can withstand extreme high temperature environments, so they can provide sufficient protection for pipelines and insulation during the use of refrigeration equipment.

Pipeline protection: Silicone rubber foam pipes can protect pipelines from external damage and influence, thus ensuring the normal operation of refrigeration equipment.

Constant temperature insulation: High temperature machine tube, customer uses foam tube insulation to reduce workshop temperature from over 200 degrees to around 50 degrees



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