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What is FEP tubing

What is FEP tubing

FEP tubing, also known as F46 tubing, is a transparent fluoroplastic tubing compare with PTFE tubing. FEP tube is a soluble fluoroplastic pipe that inherits most of the characteristics of fluoroplastic pipes, making it easier to form and capable of producing longer continuous lengths, as well as various forms.

Characteristics and usage:

FEP tubes can be used for a long time within the range of -200~200 ℃. Mainly used in various frequencies of wires, cables, sheaths, electrical components, optical iron pipes, as well as in harsh working conditions, such as liquid level gauge pipes, various corrosive media (harsh solvents) delivery pipes, high-purity reagent delivery pipes, heat exchange pipes/steam piping, single end luminescent single core optical fiber pipes, liquid crystal manufacturing devices, fully encapsulated fluoroplastic O-shaped high resistance sealing ring pipes, high modulation harness components pipes Semiconductor manufacturing devices.

Utilizing physical properties:

Corrosion resistance: Only the element fluorine and alkali metal react with it at high temperatures, and have no effect on all other concentrated and dilute inorganic organic acids, bases, and esters.

High and low temperature resistance: -200~+200 ℃

Low water absorption: low water absorption<0.01%

Non combustible: Will not burn in air (oxygen index>95vol%)

Non toxic: Physiologically inert

High transparency: has the lowest refractive index of light in the plastic it passes through

Non viscous, water and oil mixing: there is no fouling or stagnant flow inside and outside the pipe wall

Electrical reliability and high insulation: The dielectric constant at high and low temperatures of 60HZ60MHZ is 2.1, even if the surface is damaged due to fire, it will not generate conductive tracks

Easy for secondary processing: self sealing, self welding, flanging, and disc oriented tube making.




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