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The Application and Service Life of FEP Corrugated hose

The Applicable Scope and Service Life of FEP Bellows

Introduction of FEP corrugated hose 

1. FEP corrugated hose , also known as transparent Teflon corrugated pipes, F46 pipes, polyfluoroethylene propylene corrugated pipes, Teflon corrugated pipes, etc.

FEP corrugated hose  refer to tubular elastic sensitive components connected by foldable wrinkled sheets along the folding and stretching direction. The corrugated pipe has a thin wall and high sensitivity, with a measurement range of tens of pascals to tens of megapascals. Its open end is fixed, the sealed end is in a free state, and auxiliary coil springs or springs are used to increase elasticity. During work, under the action of internal pressure, it elongates along the length direction of the pipe, causing displacement at the movable end in a certain relationship with the pressure. The movable end can directly indicate the magnitude of pressure by driving the pointer. Due to the significant volume change required for the extension of the bellows, its response speed is lower than that of the Bourdon tube, making it suitable for measuring low pressure.

2. FEP corrugated hose  color:

Common colors: transparent, black; Other colors can be customized.

3. Characteristics of transparent FEP corrugated hose :

Operating temperature: -200 degrees to 200 degrees;

Processability: capable of flanging and welding;

Aging resistance: Can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time without aging;

High transparency: Among all plastics, the refractive index is low, allowing for a very direct view of the flow of the medium inside the cleaning tube;

Corrosion resistance: able to withstand the action of all strong acids, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, and various organic solvents except for molten alkali metals, fluorinated media, and those above 300 ° C.

Surface non adhesion: known solid material heads cannot adhere to the surface;

Non combustible: Places that do not burn in the air and meet strict fire protection requirements;

Non toxicity: Five toxins and odorless, with physiological inertness and no harm to humans and the environment.

2、 Scope of application of FEP corrugated hose 

(1) FEP corrugated hose  can be used as a tubular reactor and exchanger in special occasions;

(2) FEP corrugated hose Can be used as a feeding and discharging pipe for tank cars, storage tanks, containers, and reaction kettles;

(3) FEP corrugated hose  Can be used to replace pipes with lower mechanical strength such as graphite, ceramics, glass, etc;

(4) FEP corrugated hose  Can be used for pipeline misalignment connection or to balance pipeline displacement, size changes caused by climate or other reasons, or to eliminate high-frequency mechanical vibration;

(5) FEP corrugated hose  are widely used in instruments and meters, mainly as measuring elements for pressure measuring instruments, converting pressure into displacement or force;

(6) FEP corrugated hose  are often combined with displacement sensors to form pressure sensors that output electricity, and sometimes used as isolation components.

3、 Service life of FEP corrugated hose 

The lifespan of transparent FEP corrugated hose  is the shortest working period or number of cycles that can ensure normal operation under working conditions. The elastic sealing system composed of corrugated pipes often operates under conditions of withstanding varying loads and large displacements with multiple cycles. Therefore, determining the service life of transparent Teflon corrugated pipes is of great significance. Due to the different functions of transparent Teflon corrugated pipes, the requirements for their service life are also different.

(1) When transparent FEP corrugated hose  is used to compensate for the position deviation caused by installation in the Plumbing, its service life is required only a few times.

(2) Transparent FEP corrugated hose  are used in thermostatic controllers with high switching frequencies, and their lifespan must reach 10000 times to meet the usage requirements.

(3) When transparent FEP corrugated hose are used as vacuum seals for vacuum switches, their lifespan must reach 30000 times to ensure normal operation.

From the above three usage examples, it can be seen that the required service life of corrugated pipes varies greatly due to different usage conditions. The lifespan of transparent Teflon corrugated pipes is related to the fatigue characteristics of the selected materials, as well as the magnitude of residual stress, stress concentration, and surface quality of the formed corrugated pipes. In addition, the service life is related to the working conditions of the bellows. For example, the displacement, pressure, temperature, working medium, vibration conditions, frequency range, impact conditions, etc. of transparent Teflon corrugated pipes during operation.

The lifespan of FEP corrugated hose during operation mainly depends on the maximum stress generated during the working process.




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